All About Credentialing Management Software

All About Credentialing Management Software

A Digital Credential is a digitally recognised set of skills that may be published on social and professional media platforms, together with your digital identification. Digital credentials are instantly accessible, credible, and secured certificates that enable you to classify a professional certification, training, or legal documentation. Many companies provide training and certification solutions that issue digital certificates and are based on sophisticated technologies, but blockchain technology seems to be the biggest attraction.

Businesses can utilize Digital Credentials Management software to make the shift from physical credentials and badges to digital credentials. This has a number of benefits, including greater visibility, efficiency, and accessibility, especially for interconnected or remote organizations.


What is Digital Credential Management Software?


Create, design, and deliver a digital certificate, badge, or both with the help of a digital credential management software. Digital credentials, unlike paper-based credentials, are simple to store, share, and manage using digital credential management tools.

Recruiters, management, and peers can use digital credential management software to make managing digital credentials, certifications, and badges easier and more secure. Credentialing systems enable users to create, share, and store all qualifications virtually rather than printing and sending them.

The Need for Digital Credential Management Software:


Organizations will typically have to rely on multiple frameworks, databases, and communications networks if they don’t have a credentialing management system. As a result, multiple data storage facilities are more likely to form.

Any format, such as pdf, XML, PEM, or PMX, can be used to create digital credentials. Credentials can be issued using a variety of templates, designs, and formats available through digital credential management services. The institution can maintain track of the retention and record of the credentials provided by incorporating credentials into their LMS.


Organizations can fully utilize the Internet by enabling these systems accessible from any device with the right credentials management software. Furthermore, consolidating entity and credentialing information into a single system speeds up credentialing timeframe and mechanisms by allowing users to analyze and apply data, as well as automate updates and improvements for exam due dates, billing and renewals, schedules or deadlines, and much more.

To qualify for a Digital Credential Management Platform, the product must include:


  • Automated design and creation of digital credentials, certificates, and badges
  • Control over how digital credentials, certificates, and badges are distributed, shared, and stored
  • Integrates with corporate learning management systems that make tracking digital certificate requirements convenient

CertifyMe is one of the top three global digital credential management platforms, with the best customer engagement, reliability, and value for money. Educational institutions, training organizations, and L&D teams are among the customers who utilize the platform to issue verified and easily shared digital Certificates and Badges to their students and employees.


CertifyMe Credential is also the most cost-effective credential platform on the market. To start, CertifyMe is giving away 50 free credentials. CertifyMe’s annual credential charge is only 0.003 USD, making it the most cost-effective credential management services available. CertifyMe provides domain and email white labeling, as well as customisation to match your individual requirements.


Our systems are built with security measures in place, and the encryption, access, and authentication procedures are cutting-edge, guaranteeing that your credentials are stored securely. Effortless Verification, REST API, and Zapier integration too are available.


CertifyMe is the most trusted digital credentialing SaaS platform in the business, enabling teachers and administrators, event organizers, and recruitment agencies to issue verified digital Certificates and Badges in just a few clicks. 600+ worldwide brands rely on CertifyMe’s credentialing platform to automate their credential issuance processes.

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