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Answering all of your Credentials questions


Answering all of your Credentials questions

What Are Credentials and what do they mean?

Credentials refer to a person’s qualifications, achievement, excellence, or other characteristics of their experience, particularly when used to determine their eligibility for a certain position. They could be part of a certification or other verification process that enables a user’s identity to be confirmed in connection to a network interface or any other system databases. Credential are confirmation of an individual’s skill or experience in general.


What are some examples of qualifications?


Educational diplomas, professional degrees, accreditations, authorizations, identity documents, digital badges, micro-credential, stackable credential, verifiable credential, electronic passcodes or signatures, usernames and passwords, digital keys, powers of attorney, and other types of credential are examples of credential.


What are the steps in the certification procedure?


When a candidate has completed his curriculum and been accurately assessed for his work, he is given a credential. Furthermore, when a credential is issued or needs to be examined by the issuer, Credentialing verifies a provider’s qualifications (e.g. education, licenses, certifications, job history, reference) and conducts a background investigation (monetary, legal, and/or social media background).


Are digital credentials secure?


Blockchain-based credentials not only safeguard certificates from manipulation but also allow students to collaborate their experiences and career achievements with future employers without any need for recruiters to do a credential assessment, giving the competencies a student develops greater legitimacy. Furthermore, blockchain-based credentials provide bank-level security, allowing for powerful encryption and the use of a digital key or passcode to get access. This protects the credential against unauthorized access and cyberattacks.


Is it possible to share digital credentials?


Yes, they are. Because digital credential are highly accessible and shareable on the internet, they offer a more engaging and distinctive reward for your members. Every certificate is accompanied by information that describes the certifications and gives proof of learning to members. Credential that can be shared and verified allow recipients to confidently distribute their digital certificates, demonstrate their qualifications, and allow potential employers to swiftly verify their credentials.


Can Digital Credentials be stored?


Digital Credentials are portable, shareable, and easy to store. Credential can be stored in digital wallets or digital backpacks wherein they can stack multiple digital badges and micro-credential as well.


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