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Badging’s Advantages for Both Organizations and Learners

Advantages of Badges

Badging’s Advantages for Both Organizations and Learners

Organizations must upskill and reskill their personnel in order to ensure that their talent has the skills and knowledge needed for the future. Learners can communicate their talents digitally in a simple and reliable way by displaying them as  badges, which can be easily checked instantaneously.


A digital badge is a graphic representation that can be displayed, viewed, and verified digitally to reflect the progress of new skills and abilities. Digital badges are becoming more prominent among professionals as a means to demonstrate critical competencies, especially among those in technological industries.


Why is digital badging being used by businesses?


Badges denote the completion of a program or course and include a verified explanation of the exact knowledge, abilities, and criteria needed to obtain the badge. It aids learners in seeing and conceptualizing the goal they wish to achieve, as well as visualizing how they might compare to everyone in a shared learning environment.


Within weeks of its inception in 2015, IBM’s experimental digital badge program “Big Data University,” now named Cognitive Class, witnessed spectacular results. Student enrollments climbed by 129 percent, with a 226 percent increased percentage of registrants who actually completed courses.


IBM’s David Leaser wrote on his company’s quantifiable progress with its badging program, noting that 87 percent of IBM badge recipients said the digital badge program has increased their engagement. Badges are now used by 72 percent of IBM managers to acknowledge employees’ achievements.


Organizations can use digital badges to help them establish their brand and reach new audiences on social media. They also enable HR teams to swiftly identify eligible candidates online, cutting down on the time it takes to hire them. Learners can use digital badges to promote and enhance their own brand presence and résumés by showcasing them on social media, as well as advance their careers by mastering the skills most in-demand in a dynamic industry.

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