Best Digital Certification Tools Online for Free

Best Digital Certification Tools Online for Free

Digital credentials are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to engage students and learners. When IBM debuted their initial digital badge programme ‘Big data University,’ now known as ‘Cognitive Class,’ the effect was spectacular in terms of student engagement and enrollment. Student enrollments climbed by 129 percent, with a 226 percent increase in the percentage of entrants who actually finished courses. When compared to the six weeks prior to the introduction of digital badges, the number of students passing the end-of-course exam increased by 694 percent.


The value of digital certification and digital badges in terms of encouraging participation is clear. It is also critical to have a well-curated and seamless issue of the badges through digital credential management software or certification generation tools to accomplish such effective results.


We’ve compiled a list of the best free digital credential solutions available:



CertifyMe is a one-stop-shop for creating, issuing, and managing Digital Credentials. They’re a software-as-a-service company that makes the process of providing and obtaining digital credentials as simple as clicking a few buttons. By assisting CertifyMe’s easy integration processes, trainers, teachers, event marketers, and HR specialists can award validated Digital Certificates and Badges. CertifyMe’s credentialing platform is trusted by 1000+ worldwide brands to automate their credential issuing process. CertifyMe’s APIs, as well as integrations with Zapier, Canva, and other services, minimize manual labour by up to 100%.


Pros: ( for free standard package )


  • CertifyMe allows 50 credentials for free for new users
  • Users can upload credentials in bulk
  • Canva integration and Zapier for seamless creating process
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Access to unlimited templates
  • Easy to set up and comes with quality support




  • The digital credential management platform does not have a mobile app or software to install; instead, it must be accessed through a web browser



Sertifier is an integrable software and web service that allows users to build and design digital and verifiable certificates. It streamlines the process by allowing bulk emailing to all recipients using a single template. Customers can always follow the status of their credentials, including whether they were received, opened, or shared on social media, as well as the type of skill base that was developed in the institution and industry.


Pros: ( for free standard package )


  • Accredited with IMS standards and Openbadge 2.0 standards
  • Unlimited credential issuing
  • Trackable mail distribution
  • Free templates and drag-and-drop design tools




  • Less interoperability, reporting and analytics features
  • Among the templates available, we can only change the content and not the design or the graphic elements.



Accredible’s digital credentials enable individuals to share their accomplishments and demonstrate their credibility, organisations to assist their students in getting hired, and employers to find the right person for the job. Access, update, export, and removal of data are possible for both issuers and recipients.


Pros: ( for free standard package )


  • Users can design and issue digital badges and certificates
  • API access
  • Allows basic branding for the credential
  • Allows up to 20 recipients 
  • Canva and Zapier Integrations




  • The engine used to generate PDFs is incapable of handling some basic requests
  • The procedure to add credentials to the wallet is complicated



SimpleCert is a certificate management system that is both comprehensive and simple to use. It simplifies the process of creating personalised certificate and email templates by allowing you to add your own images and text. Users can upload a list of names and other information that is unique to each certificate and email, as well as send emails to possible recipients with links to their certificates. They also allow you to track the delivery of emails and store certificates.


Pros: ( for free trial of their standard package $19 )


  • Users get 10 credits for the free package, 150 credits on their standards package
  • The standard package allows social sharing
  • Personalisation of certificate and email templates
  • Allows certificates storage




  • The user interface is outdated and difficult to access
  • There are no APIs or integrations available
  • Only 10 credits are available with the free package, while the other features are only available with standard premium packages that include a free trial


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