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Open Standards Ecosystem with Digital Credentials

Digital Credentials

Building an Open Standards Ecosystem with Digital Credentials

The concept of a digital credentialing ecosystem implies that numerous companies and individuals can easily communicate with one another, however today’s relationships are governed by a wide range of technologies, increasingly challenging to catch up with recent advancements. As a result, the industry’s key players must grasp how open standards assist their digital credentialing methods in order to provide long-term value to individuals while avoiding costly integration expenses.


However, as technology advances, a wide range of features and possibilities of competitive advantage emerge outside of a company’s traditional borders. These skills are forming a slew of new ecosystems. Connectivity into external ecosystems would compel digital management enterprises to connect with a majority of integrated systems in the future.


Open Badges:


The most extensively used Digital Badge in the world is Open Badges, a type of portable, shareable, and verified digital badge. Open Badges provide verifiable meta-data that monitors and verifies the contents of the digital badge. The Mozilla Foundation created the technical standard Open Badges in 2011. The standard is used to ensure the integrity of digital badges by verifying the information displayed is consistent and appropriate.


By showcasing your Digital Badge as an earner, you may demonstrate your competency in the abilities you’ve earned. Individuals can use their individual credential platforms to claim and receive digital badges. They can store and administer digital badges in their open badges digital backpack and use them across all digital platforms.


Users may make learning more interactive as an issuer by breaking down courses into segments and rewarding each with a gamified digital badge. Recognize candidates’ success by awarding them shareable digital badges, micro-credentials, or stacked credentials based on their capabilities.


As a developer, users can construct and customize a digital badge related to the role or standard of the initiative. Enable tracking and analytic tools to better understand the candidates’ involvement, performance, participation, and progress. The developer would have the capacity to develop digital badge wherein users can display and host the badges.


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