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Creating a Badging Program

Digital badges for programs

Creating a Badging Program

A badge program is a system that allows your users to earn digital badges in recognition of your accomplishments. Badges can earn badges by completing tasks, passing tests, or achieving other milestones. You can then share their badges with others, visually representing their skills and accomplishments.

The term used to describe people and things associated with badging can confuse new organizations developing a system. In a nutshell, the procedure for open badges entails first creating the badge image and its data (such as requirements, recommendations, and standards and then uploading this to a platform for issuing badges.

Stage 1: System Design

As the number of badges and earners rises, so does the complexity of a badge program. Planning the larger system that individual badges and earners will be a part of is crucial for this reason. This involves considering the number of topics a program will cover, the number of badges associated with each topic, and the resources available to carry out the design.

Stage 2: Designing the Badges 

The most prominent part of an open badge is its image, so designing one requires much more than just producing a specific graphic. Designers must decide what the badge entails, define the metadata values, and plan how learners will fulfill the badge’s requirements.

Phase 3: Publication

Using tools like CertifyMe you can publish your badge, and users can receive it after completing an event. Many platforms are available for this purpose; a comprehensive list of platforms for issuing open badges and micro-credentials that fully comply with the OBI 2.0 specification is available.

Stage 4: Place a focus on Change Management

When implementing a badge program, every organization will probably need cultural change. The suggestions that follow may help to ensure a smooth transition to badges.

Additionally, a thorough explanation of badges in advance can quickly address many frequently asked questions and promote greater badge-earning participation.

Metadata associated with an open badge presents an additional chance to enhance consumer acceptance. Consider how easily an outside audience will understand the description and requirements when creating a badge. To help you understand what the badge means, briefly explain the review procedure and the expected amount of work.


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