Credentials for Corporate Events

Credentials for Corporate Events

We’re in the year 2022, and we’re all sick of digital special events. Regardless of whether your employees will return to the office full-time, everyone seems to be prepared to move on from remote effective collaboration. 


As businesses prepare to welcome staff members on-site, the expectation is already on to visit one to recall. The entertainment you choose to exhibit at corporate events may drastically affect the real-life experience of your participants, whether your event is in person or driven by virtual event technology.


Corporate meetings, celebrations, and team-building activities, as well as client events, conventions, and recognition programs, are all examples of corporate events. Internal personnel and partner organizations can attend minimal one-day events or massive week-long seminars.


Team-building corporate events could do what effective marketing and branding aspire to bring people together in innovative and compelling ways. Your collaborative initiatives can help to form new bonds, form long-term collaborations, and serve as a starting point for prospects. They can even help to relieve tension and boost overall office productivity.


But how would we turn these communication and

collaboration engaging and professional at the same time?


Apart from food, music, and socializing, here’s how you may reinvent your corporate event: provide a credential that allows guests to enter and participate in the activity, as well as indicate the participants’ role in the corporate event and the company name.


Because corporate events are collaborative activities, badges or wristbands may aid attendees in identifying and distinguishing participation roles and backgrounds.


Event Badges:


The event badge may appear to be a relatively insignificant and trivial item in the broad scheme of things, but it is an important aspect of the attendance encounter. 


The event badge may appear to be a minor and unglamorous item in the broad scheme of things, but it is an important aspect of the attendance experience.


The initial name of the registrants should be bold, prominent, and conveniently recognizable from a range of event badges for conferences. Event organizers could personalize credentials for Vip guests, panel members, executives, and other attendees by customizing the style, design, shape, and layout of the badge.

Event Management Software:


If you’re planning a digital or hybrid event, make sure to find a quality event management software platform that enables registrations and broadcasting of the corporate event a snap. Developers could also provide for hosting of digital badges to display their role and assist guests in distinguishing and recognizing one another.

Webcasting tools such as WebEx or GoToWebinar, which provide the necessary capabilities for webinars, may be used by event planners for hosting modest corporate events. Consider using a simple system software like Eventbrite or Eventzilla for in-person gatherings.

Digital Credential Software:


CertifyMe is one of the top three digital credential management services in the industry, and it ranks first in excellent customer service and affordability. More than 600 organizations use our platform throughout the world. Each one of our credentials has a unique QR Code, which may be linked to the awardee’s unique IDs such as a passport number, driver’s license, and so on. Users can also use Zapier to integrate the LMS or our REST API to connect directly with the application. It takes about 5 minutes to get started. 


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