Credly Badges: Will they still be relevant in 2022?

Credly Badges: Will they still be relevant in 2022?

Micro-credentials, or courses that concentrate on specific skills or competencies, are increasingly being recognized in higher education through digital badges. Badges signify micro-credentials similar to how a certificate stands for a degree.

Today, there are dozens of Digital Credential platforms to simplify the entire process of creating and delivering digital badges.

The most extensive and interconnected digital credential network is Credly. 

Founded by Jonathan Finkelstein, Credly is the first to offer digital credentials that are Open Badge compliant.

What’s Open Badge Compliant?

The Mozilla Foundation developed Open Badges in 2011 as a technical framework for awarding and displaying digital badges on websites and within nonprofit organizations. The standard permits unrestricted access to the badge and its information. It confirms the learner’s and issuing institution’s identification, the legality of the badge as a measure of the learner’s academic success, and the standards from which it is generated.

A badge given out by Credly is a digital representation of a learning result, experience, or competency. Credly claims that what sets them apart from the competition is how the badges given to users by Credly will enable you to communicate your professional story in a precise and verified way.

Organizations needing enterprise solutions to expand international credentialing programs that adhere to the strictest data security requirements favor Credly as their network of choice.


Credly’s NPS (Net Promoter Score), which is above average for the industry at 75, is one of the company’s noteworthy features.

The number of credentials managed by Credly might range from thousands to millions. Each month, earners share more than 650,000 digital credentials, and more than 43,000 earner profiles are updated daily. Because of its enterprise-class infrastructure, Credly is used to handle digital credential programs by the best training organizations, certifying bodies, colleges and universities, professional associations, and employers.

Even though Credly has been and continues to be the top digital badge solution available, they do not provide free trials. Customers can only learn more about their price options once they get in touch with them via their website. This makes it difficult for small businesses to choose Credly because there is no way for them to know if it will fit inside their budget.

However, if you’re searching for a digital badge system, here are a few alternatives to consider that include free trials and are reasonably priced:



CertifyMe ranks among the top three digital credential management platforms worldwide and tops the charts for customer happiness and value for money. With cutting-edge technologies like AWS Quantum ledgers, CertifyMe’s immutable cryptographic credentials ensure your credentials are safe. Advanced features, including cryptographic signatures based on RSA SHA-1, Id Tagging, barcodes, and QR Codes, are only a few of the 40+ feature set’s additional features.


Choose CertifyMe for:


  • Immutable Badges
  • 50+ Social Media Share Integrations in one click
  • Templates for 1000+ Certificates and Badges
  • Custom URL and API
  • Upload a CSV file using the option for bulk awards.
  • combined with a branding banner and a call-to-action
  • via Zapier, integration of 3000 apps/LMS
  • Unlimited custom attributes.
  • Customizable badges with metadata encoded.


With the help of the digital credentialing platform Accredible, users may issue, manage, track, and validate credentials safely. Digital certificates, open badges, digital wallet cards, the Spotlight “Certified Professional” directory, and white labeling are all included in the Accredible package.


Numerous LMS and software integrations, such as those with Canvas, Moodle, WordPress, Kryterion, Microsoft Azure AD, Thinkific, Kajabi, and D2L Brightspace, are available through Accredible to speed up the issuing process. Accredible provides a Zapier integration, and users can connect straight to any platform via Accredible’s API.

Choose Accredible for:

  • Open Badge 2.0 Certified
  • Customizable badges with metadata encoded
  • Engagement Insights Reporting
  • Marketing Reach Analytics
  • Social Media Sharing


You can control every step of the distribution of digital certificates with Certifier, a complete credential management solution. For sporadic, non-business use and testing, the Free plan is best. The Certifier is appropriate for small businesses with certification programs that involve millions of recipients.

Choose Certifier for:

  • Ready-to-use Templates for badges
  • Access to the Activity Analytics API
  • Individual SMTP Settings
  • Personalized Domain for Branding

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