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Digital Badges: What You Should Know for Events

Digital Badges

Digital Badges: What You Should Know for Events

Traditional paper records have gradually been phased out in favor of a digital badge that is mobile-friendly, cost-effective, and convenient to design.


The value of digital badges for meetings and conferences, upskilling training programs, seminars, and conferences is well understood by event managers and organizers. The badges assist organizers in identifying their applicants and visitors, as well as keeping track of their attendance, performance, and advancement.


When posted on social media platforms, digital badges enable the global community to recognize this remarkable performance and promote awareness for the digital badge program. Digital badge can help with not only the planning and promotion of the trip but they can also be utilized to better user experience throughout the program.


Data can be collected using digital badges:


With badges, event professionals and organizers may collect incredibly valuable and game-changing data. To begin, they can track each attendee’s event participation and stay duration. They can also view how many people have visited various event programs, as well as the date and time of each visit. On the other hand, event organizers can use the metrics and insights supplied by  badges to identify sessions and organizations that are underperforming and spend their time ensuring that their performance can be enhanced.


Provides attendees with the chance to share:


Attendees and organizers alike emphasize networking opportunities, and digital badges could make the whole thing even more effective. When guests share information, the event organizer receives active statistics, which allows them to better comprehend what their participants are primarily interested in at the event that happens. Furthermore, a strong engagement among the online community will be built through the exchange of digital badges across digital platforms, attracting potential clients and increasing brand awareness and value.


Gamification can be improved with digital badges:


Badges are most effective when they’re part of a wider gamified user experience. Through progressive rewards, badges are utilized to gamify workshops. Gamification, or the use of game-like aspects in non-game environments, can be used to try and encourage participants to learn, contribute, interact, and progress. In online events, digital badges could be awarded for participation or for recognizing candidates who are relevant to the event’s theme.

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