Digital Credentials Experience with CertifyMe

Digital Credentials Experience with CertifyMe

The solutions at CertifyMe are designed with security in mind. Our encryption methods, access, and authentication mechanisms are cutting-edge, providing optimum security and privacy for your credentials while also serving as a complimentary branding and marketing channel for your organization. CertifyMe issues a verified digital certificate right away, allowing them to stand out among the competitiveness as a trustworthy employee.


Over 20% of learners share their achievements on social media and also in digital networking platforms demonstrating the importance of shareability of digital credentials in today’s digital age. Sharing the user’s name along with the brand name reaches thousands of potential people who are new on digital platforms, allowing you to promote the brand without having to invest any of the company marketing budget on building brand value or awareness.


A user-friendly online platform:


CertifyMe’s White Labeled solutions allow you to easily establish your own Digital Credential Platform in the company domain. Your credential systems would be hosted on our dedicated servers, which would ensure a high level of security and customization.


Furthermore, our Credential platform is the most cost-effective platform available on the global market. To begin, we are providing 50 complimentary credentials. Our annual credential fee is merely 0.003 USD, making us one of the most cost-effective alternatives available on the market. 


Each of our credentials has a unique QR Code that may be linked to the awardee’s unique IDs such as a passport number, driver’s license, and so on. CertifyMe makes it easy for your awardee to share your credentials on more than 50 social media networks. Our certificates can also be customized with a branding display and a call-to-action button. It’s quite easy to customize certificates to match your company’s existing graphic identity with CertifyMe.


CertifyMe also has a No Code Integration with Zapier and a Rest API that allows you to connect straight with your application in only 5 minutes. CertifyMe ensures seamless authenticity and integrity, making the verification process easier for learners, prospective employers, and recruiters. This makes your learners more trustworthy than those with non-verifiable certificates.


We understand and assure that the authenticity of digital certificates, as well as your reputation as an educational institution, is dependent on our capacity to keep records secure. Going digital will streamline the process, reduce manual labor and operating costs, and allow employees to focus on more critical and valuable tasks.


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