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Digital Credentials Management Alternatives

Digital Credentials

Digital Credentials Management Alternatives

Credly manages the largest and most integrated digital credentialing system in the world. Credly has been used to acquire and manage countless credentials. Each day, over 43,000 earner accounts are updated, and earners share approximately 650,000 digital credentials every month. Credly is trusted by the largest training brands, certificate organizations, institutions of higher learning, professional organizations, and businesses to enable their digital credential programs because of its entire infrastructure.


While Credly appears to be a popular online credential management platform, there are a few more options that offer users excellent credentials issuing and creation experience.


CertifyMe is a SaaS platform that enables academic institutions, professional organizations, Learning & development workgroups, event organizers, and Hiring managers to award their learners and professionals. 1000+ global brands trust on CertifyMe’s credentialing technology to streamline their credentialing process.


The APIs from CertifyMe, and also integrations like Zapier, Canva, and other assistance, reduce human effort by up to 100%. CertifyMe enables recipients to easily broadcast their credentials throughout 50+ social networking sites with a single click, helping institutions to raise their brand exposure.


Using White Labeled solutions, CertifyMe assists users in deploying their own Digital Credential Platform in their domain. CertifyMe’s dedicated servers would run the users’ credential systems, assuring maximum security and customizability.


CertifyMe Free Plan includes:




Sertifier is an online service and software integration that allows clients to create and customize digital and verified certificates, modernizing the conventional certificate production and printing procedure. It streamlines the task by allowing you to use a single template to send many messages to multiple recipients.


Sertifier provides a wide range of analytics data, ranging from certificate share marketing values to your company’s sector skill match. Marketing reports show you how many shared certificates there are and how they communicate as promotional savings. Users may always check on the progress of their credentials, including whether they’ve been received, viewed, or posted to social media.


Sertifier Free Plan includes




Accredible is a global online credentialing platform that makes it simple as well as secure to issue, maintain, monitor, and authenticate credentials. Digital certificates, open badges, wallet credentials, the Highlighted ‘Certified Professional’ database, and premium white labeling are all part of the Accredible suite.


Accredible has numerous LMS and software interfaces, like Canva, Moodle, WordPress, Microsoft Azure AD, and more, to help you streamline your issuance process.


They also offer job market insights, to tell their customers about the influence of credentials as well as precise skill-based research and marketing features.


Accredible offers Free Trial which includes:


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