Digital Credentials Platform: A pivotal moment for HR

Digital Credentials Platform: A pivotal moment for HR

The Velocity Network Foundation’s Yvette Cameron and Dror Gurevich recently received an insight of the potential future of job opportunities and credentials that they were examining at and noticed significant potential consequences for education and employers. According to the data incorporated by Velocity, the pool of potential employees who are skilled for the occupations offered is diminishing, the skill gap is widening, turnover is increasing, and outsourcing is on the rise, particularly among the younger populations.


Colleges and universities will have to modify their certificate and degree criteria to this new marketplace as additional types of verification and validation of skills and understanding that are determined by the individual are developed. Individual, academic, and employer obligations will all require a common language in the marketplace.


The Velocity Network Foundation, founded by Yvette Cameron and Dror Gurevich, Co-Founder and CEO of Velocity Career Labs, plans to launch a blockchain-powered, open-source “Internet of Careers” centered on the notion of self authenticity, which gives individuals full ownership over their user data.


“Individuals who use blockchain-based self-sovereign authentication can save their data on their devices and use it for verification and transactions without depending on a centralized database,” Cameron explains.


SAP, Upwork, SHL, and a number of other companies have joined together to push this endeavor further.


We at CertifyMe applaud Yvette Cameron and Dror Gurevich for delving deeper into the topic of employee credentials fragmentation. As a provider of digital credential platforms, we believe blockchain-enabled platforms are the way of the future for providing credentials. Our systems are created with security in mind, and our encryption methods, access, and authentication mechanisms are cutting-edge, ensuring optimum safety and confidentiality for your credentials. We also offer Seamless Verifiability, REST API, and Zapier integration.


CertifyMe is the industry’s most reliable digital credentialing SaaS platform, allowing instructors, educators, event marketers, and Recruiters to award verifiable digital Certificates and Badges with just a few clicks. CertifyMe’s credentialing platform is trusted by 600+ global brands to automate their credential issuing process.


CertifyMe allows awardees to effortlessly issue their credentials across 50+ social media networks in one click, allowing institutions to increase their brand awareness.


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