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Effective Tips for creating a Video CV/Resume

Video CV/Resume

Effective Tips for creating a Video CV/Resume


The job market has evolved significantly over the last two decades, from paper-based credentials to digital credentials to now video CVs and resumes. To deal with the dynamism of the job market, recruitment processes have evolved with technology, and as a result, video resumes will be the most critical force in your job search toolbox in the workplace today.


To better understand Video Resumes, let us first define them:


A video resume is a brief video created by a job candidate and uploaded online or emailed to a prospective employer to view. Thus, it is a video-based overview of a job candidate’s knowledge and skills, qualifications, and aspirations that are presented to a hiring manager. A video resume is an addition to, not a replacement for, a traditional resume, and it usually helps to creatively showcase your skills and experience and helps add a personal touch.


Video CVs are more appealing to recruiters than traditional written CVs. They are an excellent tool for job seekers. Videos allow you to demonstrate your abilities and knowledge of the subject.


Here are a few helpful hints for creating a video resume:



Writing a well-thought-out script is critical for your video resume. Create an elevator pitch prior to actually recording your video resume, with the goal of getting your pitch across in under a good few minutes, taking into account the valuable time of potential employers. 


Your script must include the following elements:







Even if you can record your video resume on just about any smart device, it is best to use software designed to help you easily record and distribute video resumes. Among the best software for creating a video resume are Camtasia, Filmora, Biteable, Renderforest, and Animaker. When selecting the right software, keep the following in mind: The video quality and download or sharing actual size, whether the software allows you to add a script, whether it has the tools you need to edit, add audio, and create creative transitions, and whether the software allows you to share.



To be clear and precise is an art that entails conveying your message quickly and efficiently. Be very concise and to the point when delivering your script via video to help reduce misunderstanding of your ideas and expressions. Be self-assured when you speak. The goal of a video resume is to convey your personality to a recruiter, so relax and approach the camera with great confidence.


Aside from these important tips, make sure you dress appropriately, that the background is clean, and that there are no other sources of noise.


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