Enhance Your Certification Program’s Marketability

Enhance Your Certification Program’s Marketability

For a growing number of people, online recruitment has become a necessary combination of attributes in the present market condition. Even in the greatest of times of austerity, it makes sense to ask what you can do to improve the marketability of your certification program.


A strong credentialing program, like many other programs, may achieve traction, awareness, and recognition by implementing new technologies.


Digital badges and certificates can assess the benefits of your program to trained professionals and their employers in a clear and concise manner. Here are some ways digital badges can help you support and even develop your certification program:


  • Employability is boosted through digital badges:


Because of the continuous skills shortages in the current global environment, finding the proper personnel is vital to a company’s success. According to a recent McKinsey analysis, 87 percent of organizations polled either have or will have skill gaps within the next two years.  One can alleviate the problem as a certifying organization, and you can do so in a mutually advantageous way. 


Certification programs, in which learners can obtain certifications for the area of their requirement, could help to address the skill-gap challenge. Organizations might promote their certification program as a way to help students and business professionals reskill or as a resolution to the skill-gap challenge.


  • Badges are advertised:


Individuals that obtain digital badges receive significant recognition for their accomplishments and capacity to thrive professionally. Earners can showcase their talents and accomplishments with a digital badge on professional networking and social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, as well as their own blogs and websites. According to a recent LinkedIn research, credentials and badges on LinkedIn profiles are viewed six times more frequently than the average profile.


The shareability and visibility of these digital badges and certificates across social media platforms generate momentum because it piques people’s interest in the business, resulting in new customers. This also contributes to increased brand awareness and value.


  • Attracts Millenials:


Employers wishing to recruit employees from their certification program, as well as individuals acquiring your program’s credentials, will benefit from the use of digital badges. Digital badges offer a competitive and exciting element to the professional world, from their collectability and shareability on social media to the gamification component of accumulating and displaying badges.


This is especially crucial now that millennials are the majority in the workforce. Providing a technologically modern manner for employees to demonstrate their accomplishments becomes even more intriguing to newer generations in the workplace, increasing the likelihood that these individuals will complete your program.


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