Global Digital Credential Management Softwares

Global Digital Credential Management


Professionals and HR workers use credentialing technology to monitor and manage professional credentials, qualifications, and documentation that show the owner is legitimately or, in compliance with any controlling regulation, required to handle work. They’re also used to validate that employees and persons have specific specialized abilities or certifications, and they allow firms to transition from physical credentials and badge handling to digital credential management.


We’ve compiled a list of the top five effective digital credentialing management software solutions for you to explore:



CertifyMe.Online is a SAAS-based system for creating, administering, and maintaining your Digital Credentials from start to finish. It enables users to create Verifiable Digital Credentials like Digital Badges and Certificates and streamlines the procedure while ensuring seamless verifiability. The systems are built with security in mind, with state-of-the-art encrypted data, accessibility, and authentication mechanisms to ensure maximum security and anonymity for user credentials. Zapier and Rest API No Code Integration are also supported.



Credly is the world’s largest and most user-friendly digital credentialing network, enabling businesses in taking strategic decisions based on data about what employees know and can do. Credly’s growth was aided by Pearson, which purchased the company in 2022 with the goal of providing efficient solutions in the global workplace learning and teaching and employment sector.



Badgr is a leading digital credentialing platform that creates skills-based acknowledgment and supervised learning experiences for your users, allowing them to focus on what matters essential. Badgr assists in the creation of integrated learning communities that reward progress within their communities through using skills-aligned digital credentials, stackable educational pathways, and accessible learning records.


  • Vottun:


The Vottun compatibility technology was created to make designing blockchain applications simple without having a comprehensive understanding of the technology. Vottun can assist you in creating secure identifying credentials utilizing blockchain, hence improving your offline and online ease of access operations. As part of the solution, each user receives their own digital wallet. Blockchain technology is its backbone, and disclosure is their footprint, according to Vottun.



Accredible is a digital credentialing service that allows users to create, maintain, and validate credentials quickly and accurately. The Accredible portfolio of products includes digital certificates, open badges, digital wallet cards, and superior white labelling. Accredible supports a variety of Online learning management and technology integrations, such as Canvas, Moodle, WordPress, Kryterion, Microsoft Azure AD, Thinkific, Kajabi, D2L Brightspace, and others.


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