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How can Businesses support their Employees with Digital Credentials?

How can Businesses support their Employees with Digital Credentials?

With the advancement of technology, there has been an increase in cybercrime fraudulent practices, exposing firms to data breaches and cyber dangers. People and consumers, on the other hand, are particularly concerned about personal data privacy, given how much time and access they have on the internet regularly.

For legal entities, data privacy and protection are a necessity. Gone are the days whenever a file or documentation was preserved in a cabinet or sent over email; in the new digital world, these storage considerations are no longer valid. Companies need to make adopting safer ways a priority to secure their users’ privacy, identity, and data against cybersecurity threats and unethical cyber-attacks.


What are Digital Credentials?


Digital certificates are electronic verification of an individual’s accomplishments that are provided through a digital credentialing platform. Digital certificates are high-stakes certifications that are typically awarded to learners when they undertake a project, program, or activity. It’s a digital version of a paper-based certificate.


Digital credentials, such as digital badges and certificates, have an encryption key that only the recipient has access to, preventing any unauthorized access to the actual document. A digital signature on a digital certificate verifies the subject matter of the qualification as well as the issuer and recipient’s identities.


How can businesses support employees with Digital Certificates?



Online, users can quickly share, display, and validate their digital credentials. An employer, for example, can add digital certifications and badges acquired to their LinkedIn accounts, increasing their digital presence and employment opportunities. This will also pique people’s interest in the organization that gave the certification, resulting in a rise in participation and brand recognition.



The internet has its drawbacks in terms of data breaches and manipulation. The most secure method of issuing certification to its users is through digital credentials. The encryption of data is secured by digital certificates and digital badges given through a digital credential platform backed by blockchain technology, protecting the document from cyber threats.



The issuing, verification, and confidentiality of the document are all facilitated by digital certificates generated using blockchain technology. Digital certificates are easy to verify and traceable since they are backed by meta-data and protected by bank-level security.



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