How Digital Badges help you Achieve your Educational Goal

How Digital Badges help you Achieve your Educational Goal

Learners were initially issued a diploma or certificate upon completion of the program, diploma, or qualification to demonstrate their competency in the subject area. With the evolving learning structure, resources, and technologies, it has become easier to implement extra learning practices to keep up with changes in educational levels. In addition, a new low-stakes credential known as Digital badges is gaining popularity among new learners.


Achieve Educational Goals:


This badges open up new possibilities for online learning. A digital badges can become a gamification element when combined with points and leaderboards, allowing the student to compete with themselves or others to see how close they are to achieving an objective and earning the associated reputation.


Digital badges have the capability of becoming an alternative credentialing system, allowing for visual acknowledgment in digital symbols that link directly to confirming evidence of educational performance and achievements in public displays via metadata.


  • Recognized status:


This badges enable status recognition, which is intrinsically tied to validation and accreditation. The flexibility of the talents that may be acknowledged and legitimized via digital badges is due to the effective shareability of digital badge as well as the direct linkages to the documentation of academic achievement. In social media networks, digital badge could also help users develop and formalize their identities. Badges, which is linked to user profiles, provides for the general framework of repute within and between communication networks.


  • Achievement Evidence:


Digital badges are created using blockchain technology and are accompanied by metadata. In electronic databases or digital ledgers, this meta dataset includes and preserves the identity of the issuer and receiver, badge criteria, and issuing and expiry dates. As a result, it validates the digital badge earned for prospective employers and serves as proof of achievement. This  badges displayed on social and networking sites can also be used to communicate skills and accomplishments to important stakeholders such as businesses, institutes, and online communities.


  • Boosts Confidence:


Obtaining  badges encourages certain students to interact with digital activities and materials that are meant to help them meet their learning objectives. Gamified digital learning, for example, with scoreboards, encourages the students to be productive while also increasing engagement and involvement. Since then, digital badges will be used to demonstrate their competence. Because people are more focused on this and are driven to earn them, digital badges may become a basic necessity on professional networking sites, CVs, and portfolios sooner or later.

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