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How does mobile friendly Digital Credentials help?

Digital Credentials

How does mobile friendly Digital Credentials help?


With mobile commerce sales predicted to reach $2.92 trillion by 2020, ecommerce stores can no longer ignore the need of establishing a mobile-optimized online marketplace in order to attract clients and develop their business. There are presently 6.4 billion smartphone users globally, according to Statista 2021. Given the world’s population of 7.9 billion people, this translates to a smartphone penetration rate of more than 80%.


The continuing COVID-19 pandemic has increased awareness of the use of smartphone data in outbreak response, and the rise in smartphone usage has spread across all industries. The use of smartphones for learning has increased dramatically in the field of remote training and digital education.


The need for Mobile-Friendly Digital Credentials:


There are various occasions in your usual life that you may be required to present a verified document, whether it is an identification document or proof of qualification for work opportunities. While paper-based documents are out of the question because they are far too difficult to manage and are prone to loss in transit or damage from dust or other factors, virtual digital credentials are verified, easy to share, and easy access documents that make it easy for an individual to provide their digital credential when required.


Here are a few reasons why learners and professionals need Mobile-Friendly Credentials:



Only a virtual means or document can be used to register for a digital platform. Whenever you register for a virtual educational establishment or a professional program, you must submit confirmation of your identity for your eligibility to be confirmed. Your photo ID, driver’s license, official documents, personal information, as well as other documents could be among them. Because mobile is a digital device that millions of people use every day, it is much faster for them all to prove their identity in just a few clicks, anywhere and at any time.



With the growth of technology, there has been an increase in cyber fraudsters generating or duplicating fake certificates in order to be eligible as a perfect candidate. Recruiters and hiring managers are now faced with the task of thoroughly confirming the candidate’s qualifications for the job role. Applicants can simply share their verified credentials with job prospects using digital credentials through smartphone, and recruiters can easily verify them with a few clicks.



Paper-based documentation aren’t always sufficient in situations where you need to verify your expertise or identity immediately. Digital credentials or documents stored on your phone come in handy in such situations. They save time and money for individuals because they can be accessed and shared from everywhere in the world.


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