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How to create a Digital Certificate Design Template?

Design Template

How to create a Digital Certificates Design Template?

An individual or a platform can be identified using a digital certificate. They are given out to recognize a person’s qualifications, identification, and job qualifications, among other things. Digital certificates are virtual confirmation of a person’s competency in the areas of expertise they have learned. Employers can use digital certificates to qualify the proper candidate, and employees can use them to boost their career prospects.


Because digital certificates indicate a person’s qualifications and skills, it’s critical that the certification reflects the quality standards. Organizations and educational institutions frequently struggle to provide the perfect certificate for the given specification. While there are several templates on the internet, here’s how you can make your own digital certificate template:


CertifyMe for the quality experience at creating and issuing

digital certificates:


CertifyMe is a SaaS platform that allows educational institutions, training institutions, Learning & development organizations, event organizers, and Hiring managers to award verified digital Certificates and Badges just with a few clicks.


It’s worth mentioning that CertifyMe’s SaaS-based Credential Platform is used by 1000+ global brands to award verified and easily accessible digital Certificates and Badges for their learners and professionals.


CertifyMe Templates:


CertifyMe provides you with an unlimited number of existing, professionally designed templates to use. You can also customize any of them by uploading your chosen text and graphics. CertifyMe recognizes that the majority of users lack design and certification creation skills, which may be resolved with Canva integration, which allows users to build their custom designs or choose from numerous templates on our platform. Users can edit or customize the templates to meet their needs, or create their own from scratch.


Custom Domain Name:


CertifyMe makes your company stand out by allowing you to use the White Labeled solutions to establish your personal Digital Credential Platform in the company domain. CertifyMe’s dedicated servers would host your credential systems, assuring a secure network and customization options. CertifyMe also offers a Zapier connection and an API. This allows you to white-label your credentials and personalizes the credential page to meet your branding requirements.

Remarkably secure:


The systems are created with security measures in place. To provide optimum privacy and security for your credentials, the encryption methods and accessibility or authentication methods are exceptional.  Each of the awarded credentials has a unique QR Code that can be linked to the awardee’s unique IDs such as passport details, driver’s license, and so on.


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