How to Integrate Freshsales Suite with CertifyMe

Simple Integration of Freshsales Suite with CertifyMe

Freshsales Suite integration with a CertifyMe account enables organizations to seamlessly manage awardee details. Freshworks-powered all-in-one CRM includes tools for lead management, contact management, deal management, email tracking, sales analytics, and more. The integration allows for a seamless flow of information between Freshsales Suite and CertifyMe. Sales representatives can access and view the digital credentials of potential customers directly within Freshsales, eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems.

Freshsales Suite allows businesses to streamline their sales responsibilities. Identifying high ROI opportunities/leads becomes simpler when you integrate the high-performing CRM with a foolproof credentialing platform, CertifyMe.

Zapier is an integration platform that facilitates fusing two applications for enhanced performance and faster business cycles. We will use the same tool for Freshsales Suite integration with CertifyMe. The no-coding feature of the integration task makes it perfect for everyone.

Let’s check the steps:

Step 1: you need an account on Zapier, Freshsales Suite, and CertifyMe. Sign up on Zapier (you can Sign Up to CertifyMe here)
Step 2: choose Freshsales Suite as your first application and CertifyMe as the second application on Zapier

Freshsale step 1

Step 3: Select a trigger and an action

Step 4: Press Try It and done

How does the integration help?

CertifyMe offers detailed information about individuals’ professional qualifications, certifications, and skills. By integrating this data with Freshsales Suite, sales representatives can quickly assess a lead’s expertise and qualifications. This information helps them prioritize leads and focus their efforts on those with relevant credentials, increasing the chances of successful conversions.
By integrating the digital credentialing platform with Freshsales Suite, businesses can gather comprehensive data on the impact of credentials on the sales process. They can analyze the success rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated from leads with specific credentials. These insights provide valuable information for refining sales strategies, targeting the right audience, and measuring the effectiveness of credential-based sales initiatives.
Overall, integrating Freshsales Suite with a digital credentialing platform adds an extra layer of context and qualification to the sales process. It empowers sales teams with valuable information, improves customer engagement, and enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the sales cycle.

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