Ideal image size and format for a certificate

Ideal image size and format for a certificate

Many factors influence the appearance of your certification, one of which is the size of the certificate’s background image. A backdrop image that is too large or colorful will make it appear subpar, whereas a background image that is too small will virtually disappear. Furthermore, image size matters since higher-quality and larger photographs can take longer to load when posted on social media sites, whilst low-quality images will appear pixelated or blurred.


Let’s talk about the ideal dimensions for your certificate’s

background image:


Each award certificate paper at CertifyMe is letter-sized, measuring 8.5 x 11 inches or A4 for certificate conception. The A4 format is used by Asian and European continents, but 8.5 x 11 inches is preferred by North and South American institutions and organizations. Although A4 does not mean that the measurements are wholly different, they are still 8.268 x 11.693 inches.


What is the best image format to use?


Images come in a range of dimensions and formats, and each image format has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. No two formats are created to meet the same goals. JPG and PNG are two of the most extensively used image file formats.


JPGs were created to reduce the file size of images so that they could be shared and used in web design. The majority of the photos you see on the internet are most likely in JPG format.  Since the files are smaller, using JPG photos will result in faster website load times and a better user experience.


The picture format PNG stands for “Portable Network Images,” and it is designed for graphics such as info graphics, logos, and typography. An image, on the other hand, can be saved as a PNG just as effortlessly.


PNGs have a higher resolution than JPGs. Because PNG files were not created to reduce file size, they preserve more image and color detail, as well as information, than JPG files.


Background images are supported in both PNG and JPG (JPEG) formats, although PNG format does not compromise the color quality or size of the image of your certificate template. When opposed to JPG’s compression, the PNGs method of compression preserves more detail and quality.


Are you thinking about allowing printing in high-resolution?


You’ll need a reasonably high backdrop image if you would like your beneficiaries to be able to print their certificates on a competent printer. If you’re giving a larger image, make sure to keep the aspect ratio accurate to avoid distortion, deformations, or blurring.


The following sizes are required for high-quality printing:


US Letter Landscape 3418px x 2668p

US Letter Portrait: 2668px x 3418px

A4 Landscape: 3626px x 2598px

A4 Portrait: 2598px x 3626px


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