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Impressing recruiters with digital badges

digital badges

Managing and Sharing Digital Credentials:

Digital badges have risen to popularity and for all the right reasons. Digital badges which is the virtual equivalent to a physical badge are easy to display and host on professional websites and can also be easily embedded into portfolios and CVs.


After you’ve accepted your digital badge, you’ll need to claim it. The next step is to decide whether your badge should be visible to the general public or only to you. Allow others to view the badge by making it public.


You can also get a digital badge by automating a response or filling out an application form with the certification’s contents.



After accepting and claiming the digital credential, the recipient can download it for printing or saving it for personal records or portfolios.


The digital certificate can be downloaded as a file or used as a URL or link in your résumé, portfolio, CVs or social media accounts.


Using LinkedIn to add digital badges and certificates:


Users have two options for adding and sharing their Digital Badge: through postings or by adding them to their profile.


When a user obtains Digital Credentials, they’re taken to a page where they may publish their accomplishments across all digital channels, including LinkedIn. You only need to follow the steps below:



It should be noted that sharing will allow the Digital Credential’s material (in the form of photographs or videos) to be posted on the LinkedIn stream. LinkedIn chat can also be used to share these credentials.

How can one impress employers with Digital badges?



One of the most important aspects of the digital badge is its shareability; when an individual claims or accepts the digital badge, they are directed to a sharing page that allows sharing on any digital platform, including social media, social networking sites, personal blogs, or via email. The digital badge also comes with its personalised URL or link, which can be added to CVs and portfolios.


Sharing badges on digital platforms tends to raise visibility and demonstrates competency in the acquired skills, which increases the likelihood of networking with prospective employers or recruiters.



With the increasing fraudulent practices regarding fake credentials and certifications, recruiters must verify the digital badge with its source. When digital badges are displayed on the portfolio or professional handles, it is backed with a hyperlink to the origin of the digital badge issuer. This makes it easy for the recruiter to verify the source and criteria of the badge.


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