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In the Classroom with Digital Badges

Digital Badges

In the Classroom with Digital Badges

Digital badges are depictions or illustrations that contain information or metadata; more specifically. The digital badge includes information regarding whose been published the badge, what that individual would have to do to obtain the badge, information about the badge issuer, and occasionally connect to the evaluation that the badge recipient concluded as part of having received the badge (Bowen and Thomas 2014).


It can be used to reflect a person’s talents and accomplishments. A competence, a success, an academic qualification, an interest, or a certification can all be visually represented using digital badges. In a variety of situations, digital badges could be used to acknowledge achievements.


In the classroom, digital badges could be used for the following purposes:




If the user so prefers, It could be allowed to share and displayed on digital portfolios, digital badge wallets, or online social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This might make it easier for the user to store and distribute their credentials, as well as improve their branding to impress prospective employers.




It make given credentials more credible by displaying a great deal of information with precision. Each digital badge has metadata that allows it to be verified and tracked. Because the information on a digital badge is recorded digitally, it is much easier to find the information and verify that it is valid and accurate.


Recognizes peers:


You may recognize your students’ achievements with digital badges, and receiving acknowledgment can naturally drive learners to perform better. Good behavior, skill mastery, effort, and other factors can all be recognized. As a result, you’ll be able to detect and reward difficult kids who might otherwise go unnoticed in the classroom. Instructors will likely notice an increase in both interest and abilities as learners develop confidence and experience the effects of their efforts.

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