Integration of Teachable with CertifyMe in 2 Minutes

Teachable is an online platform that allows individuals to create and sell their online courses. It provides the tools and resources necessary for course creators to design and deliver educational content to a global audience. With Teachable, instructors can create multimedia lessons, design course structures, set pricing options, and manage student enrollments.


Teachable is the ideal platform for integration with CertifyMe. This integration allows course designers not to worry about the certification process. It automates the credentialing system and makes the procedure foolproof.

How to Integrate Teachable with CertifyMe


Step 1: you need an account on Zapier, Teachable, and CertifyMe. Sign up on Zapier   (you can Sign Up to CertifyMe here)

Step 2: choose Teachable as your first application and CertifyMe as the second application on Zapier
Teachable Badges

Step 3: Select a trigger and an action

Step 4: Press Try It and done

How does the integration help?

Integrating Teachable with CertifyMe enables course creators to enhance the credentialing aspect of their online programs. The digital credentialing platform allows course creators to issue professional-looking digital certificates and badges to students upon course completion. These digital credentials are easy-to-share, verifiable, and come with added layers of security. The virtual credentials students receive after completing courses on Teachable boost recognition for their skills and accomplishments, potentially leading to career opportunities.


The integration also offers course creators to gain insights into how students engage with their courses and the subsequent impact on their certification rates. This data can be valuable for course improvement and marketing strategies.



The integration between Teachable and CertifyMe provides course creators a platform to deliver students socially shareable digital credentials that validate their learning achievements. It enhances the overall learning experience and increases the credibility and marketability of the courses offered on Teachable.

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