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Issue Credentials with Zapier and Rest APIs at CertifyMe

Issuing Credentials

Issue Credentials with Zapier and Rest APIs at CertifyMe

CertifyMe is one of the top three digital credential management solutions in the world, and it ranks first in customer happiness and value for money. The  solutions are designed with security in mind. To provide optimum safety and confidentiality for your credentials, CertifyMe uses cutting-edge encryption algorithms and access/authentication procedures. So the question is why we issue Credentials with Zapier and Rest APIs at CertifyMe.

More than 600 organizations utilize CertifyMe throughout the world. CertifyMe has been named a High Performer in the G2 grid by the G2 audience, and has also been named the most trusted Credential Management software by Media99 Research.


With the recent global pandemic that has resulted in a surge in digital education and the issuance of digital credentials, it is critical for businesses and educational institutions to choose a reliable digital credential platform.


At CertifyMe, you can connect your LMS through our No Code Zapier integration or utilize our REST API to connect directly with your application in about 5 minutes.


Zapier API:


Zapier is a service that allows users to automate workflows by integrating their web applications. Zapier’s simple automation tools enable you to automate tasks and can be set up and customized in minutes. Zapier is noted for its ease of use when it comes to generating workflows, with thousands of pre-made templates to select from. 


Furthermore, Zapier’s 3000+ integrations allow users to integrate any type of software. With Zapier’s home-brewed applications, you can send emails, manage tasks, transform data, and more, all while automating many actions with a single push. Customers of Zapier save 10 hours of labor every week on average, according to the company.



A REST API (also known as a RESTful API) is a type of application programme interface (API) that adheres to the REST architecture and design style’s limitations and integrated technology with RESTful web applications. REST API, in simple terms, is a method of accessing online services in a straightforward and flexible manner without the need for any intervention. 


REST APIs are the most prevalent mechanism for linking components in microservices architectures as they provide a customizable, affordable ability to incorporate applications. The six Rest principles: uniform interface, client-server decoupling, statelessness, cacheability, and layered system architecture are all adhered to the REST API.


The CertifyMe Credential platform is the most cost-effective on the market. We’ll give you 50 free credentials to get you started with CertifyMe. Our annual credential fee is merely 0.003 USD, making us the most cost-effective alternative available on the market.


With CertifyMe’s White Labeled solutions, you can stand out by deploying your own Digital Credential Platform in your domain. Your credential systems would be hosted on our dedicated servers, which would ensure a high level of security and customization.


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