How to add digital badge on LinkedIn – Social Media Badges

How to add digital badge LinkedIn – Social Media Badges

The primary reason LinkedIn users are active on the platforms is for job recruitment efforts. With more than 58 million companies listed on the site and 50 million people searching for jobs on LinkedIn every week, it’s no surprise to find out that 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn.

Here’s why you should add a digital badge to your LinkedIn:

The main objective of LinkedIn is to enable registered users to build and maintain professional networks of individuals they know and trust. On a LinkedIn member’s profile page, which emphasizes skills, employment experience, and education, a small number of customizable modules are provided along with professional network news feeds.

LinkedIn significantly outperforms its rivals in terms of assisting users in forging crucial business contacts thanks to its capacity to identify boolean operators and filter results according to criteria like a firm, years of experience, function, and seniority level.

Given that LinkedIn has such a wide following in terms of users and data, employees should showcase their digital Badges there to increase their brand value and encourage professional networking in order to gain from job postings or employment.

By connecting with pertinent professionals, colleagues, and friends, LinkedIn users create networks of individuals with similar skills, positions, work experiences, and hobbies. By adding a digital certificate or digital badge to their profile, the issuer makes their name, their programs, and their Badges more visible. As a result, participation rises and more people start signing up for programs, memberships, and training as well as showing interest in them.

How to Add Digital Badges and Badges to LinkedIn:

People can build their portfolios and resumes on LinkedIn by showcasing their qualifications, professional history, work history, recognitions, publications, and, most importantly, certifications and badges.

When you acquire a digital badge from CertifyMe, you have the option of sharing it on a variety of social media sites, including CertifyMe.

Users have two options for adding and sharing their digital Badges: through postings or by adding them to their profile.

The sharing page that enables users to publish their accomplishments across all digital networks, including LinkedIn, is redirected to them when they gain Digital Badges. Only the following needs to be done:

Click the ‘Share’ button.

  • Choose LinkedIn from the available social networking sites.
  • It will redirect you to the LinkedIn feed.
  • Publish a caption
  • Click ‘Post’

Users can also add their Digital Credentials to LinkedIn by using the “Add to LinkedIn” button; the credential will then show up on the profile under Licenses and certifications. An individual’s LinkedIn profile can also manually add these certifications.

Users of LinkedIn can also share their profiles with others via a special URL or link that can be added to their portfolios or resumes.

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