Major players in Digital Credential Management Software

Major players in Digital Credential Management Software

The necessity for an effective and dynamic Digital Credential Platform is critical, given the rapid rise in the falsification of employee credentials and the requirement for and the advent of blockchain technology for secure authentication and transaction. Let’s have a look at some of the most well-known names in the field of Digital Credential Management Software.


  • Digitalme:


Digitalme is a technology and consulting firm that helps businesses and individuals develop and grow by making all skills visible. Digitalme uses the Open Badge Standard, a global format that provides data that can be certified fast and easily, to allow organizations and individuals to recognize, share, and verify talents and achievements online in a secure manner.


  • Vottun:


The Vottun interoperability framework is designed to make developing blockchain apps simple without requiring a deep understanding of blockchain technology. Vottun can help you create secure identification credentials using blockchain, which will help you improve your online and offline accessibility processes. Each user gets their own digital wallet as part of their solution. Blockchain technology, according to Vottun, is their backbone, and transparency is their footprint.


  • CertifyMe:


CertifyMe.Online is an end-to-end SAAS-based solution for creating,, issuing, and managing your Digital Credentials. It allows users to create Verifiable Digital Credentials such as Digital Badges and Certificates and automates the process while providing seamless verifiability. The systems are designed with security in mind, and the encryption method, access, and authentication mechanisms are state-of-the-art to ensure optimum confidentiality and privacy for user credentials. They also offer Zapier and Rest API No Code Integration.


  • Credly:


Credly is the world’s largest and most connected digital credentialing network, having been founded in 2012. It’s also the first company to issue digital credentials that are Open Badge compliant. Credly has earned and manages tens of millions of credentials. Every day, over 43,000 earner profiles are updated, and each month, earners distribute over 650,000 digital credentials. Credly was recognized as one of the Crunchbase’s top 50 most exciting tech startups of 2019.


  • Accredible:


Accredible is a digital credentialing solution that allows users to quickly and easily issue, store, manage, and validate credentials. Digital certificates, open badges, digital wallet cards, and premium white labeling are all part of the Accredible suite. Accredible has numerous LMS and software interfaces, including Canvas, Moodle, WordPress, Kryterion, Microsoft Azure AD, Thinkific, Kajabi, D2L Brightspace, and more, to help you expedite your issuing process.


  • Open Badge Factory:


Open Badge Factory gives your company the tools necessary to establish a relevant and long-lasting Open Badges system. Users can link Open Badge Factory with other platforms in one of three ways: they can create their own OBF plugin using the OBF REST API, leverage existing plugins, or use LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) if their system is LTI-compliant. The Open Badge Factory team builds, updates, and supports Moodle OBF issuer and displayer plugins.


  • Sertifier:


Sertifier is an integrable software and web service that allows users to build and design digital and verifiable certificates, allowing them to move away from the traditional certificate design and printing process. It facilitates the process by enabling bulk emailing to all recipients using a single template. Customers can always follow the status of their credentials, including whether they were received, opened, or shared on social media, as well as the type of skill base that was developed in the university and industry.


  • Badgr:


With skill sets, digital credentials, stackable learning courses, and portable learner records, Badgr helps to construct interconnected learning ecosystems that recognise achievement within their communities. Badgr integrates with LMSs like Blackboard, Canvas, and others, and it also offers high-availability API access. User data is stored in Badgr’s regional data centers in accordance with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy standards.


  • SimpleCert:


SimpleCert is a comprehensive and simple-to-use Certificate Management System that allows users to create personalized certificates and email templates using your own photos and text. Google Forms and Zapier have API integrations with SimpleCert. Users can map data from third-party sources like Google Sheets, Typeform, and Mailchimp via their Zapier endpoints. It also has functionality for tracking email delivery and storing certificates.


  • CVTrust:


An international team of experienced innovators from the business and technology sectors devised and built the Smart Certificate platform. This 2.0 platform makes it possible to safely produce, maintain, and deliver all forms of digital documents that can be checked in a single click. A validated digital passport can be exchanged with anyone by combining documents in a robust security portfolio. In all scenarios and sectors, Smart Certificate transforms communication channels, efficiency, and transparency.


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