Marketability with Digital Badges

Marketability with Digital Badges

To promote the organization, one can put up a billboard, advertising via telephone or television advertisements, use digital marketing, email marketing, or post blogs, media, and video on digital platforms. However, regardless of the methods used to advertise the brand, it’s important to remember that every organization or business is doing the same thing and to be relevant, one must break through the noise.


Digital credentials have been the standard currency regarding marketing tools and have risen to its popularity for all the right reasons. Many organizations, businesses, corporates, and companies have started to encourage the use of digital credentials. If used effectively digital credentials can strengthen the marketing base multiplying the target audience.

Marketability with Digital Badges:


  • Increases Employability & Brand Recognition:


Learners with digital credentials can share their accomplishments online, which can help them strike up a conversation with someone in their network of connections. It also aids employers in recognizing your proficiency in a specific skill or assessment for learning. Basically, Digital Credentials assist learners in a variety of ways, from expanding their professional network to developing their digital presence.


Furthermore, social media has progressed into a highly advanced marketing powerhouse. Around 4.2 billion individuals use social media globally, representing a little more than half of the world’s population. By 2021, users are anticipated to have spent 3.7 trillion hours on online platforms.


Individuals who obtain Digital Credentials are eager to share them with their acquaintances on social media. Displaying these digital credentials on social media encourages people to engage with them and draws their attention to them, increasing brand awareness and relevance. 


  • Visibility:


Because your certification offering is more searchable and digital badges clearly communicate the capabilities in your program, it’s easier to market and afterward recruit the company’s certified professionals. The use of verified digital badges and the corporate symbol in an email signature creates a feeling of familiarity among receivers and employees, which leads to greater brand recognition as the verified digital badges encourage curiosity and interaction. Furthermore, your program is distributed throughout all of these platforms with your name on the badge. Job seekers are utilizing your badge to help them get employment, and as the badge’s issuer, your program benefits from free advertisement.


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