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No-code integration for your application using Zapier


No-code integration for your application using Zapier

The adoption of enterprise technology is increasingly based on a strategy for connecting applications. All digital technologies necessitate end-to-end integration, which clears the way for existing applications to be modernized or newer technologies to be adopted. Traditional hand-coding integration procedures can prohibit businesses from acquiring a competitive advantage.


There is no apparent path ahead with no code integration. It allows businesses to design and implement integrations at a far faster rate without having to deal with IT infrastructure issues. It supports business users to deploy integrations at a rapid rate and improve productivity. 


In fact, with the dramatic acceleration of digital transformation that most firms were obliged to undergo, enterprises required solutions, particularly connected to APIs, and they required them quickly. No-code platforms filled in the gaps by allowing businesses to create custom solutions without requiring technical knowledge.


No-code integration for your application using Zapier:


Picking the right infrastructure and drivers for integration, such as governance, compliance, and security measures is critical. You can construct an app that works just as well, if not better, than something that we could have developed if we knew how to code, by leveraging existing no-code solutions. One such No-Code Integration is Zapier.


Your app can connect to over 3,000 of the web’s most popular tools with just one Zapier connector. Zapier, for example, can use JotForm, PaperForm, or Typeform to take employee information. 


To store employee data If utilizing code, this may need the use of a database such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or MariaDB. A spreadsheet, such as Google Sheets, can be used to store data without the need for programming. Twilio could be used for communicating for sending media. For emailing services, you can use MailerLite, Sendinblue, GetResponse, or Mailchimp.


Zapier integrates Typeform, Twilio, Google Sheets, Slack, and Mailchimp, allowing us to construct triggers and actions that completely automate the app. If you wanted to utilize Airtable rather than Google Sheets as your database, Zapier has a tonne of alternative integrations.


Pick a trigger:

Your trigger is what starts the automated process among your apps, and the action is what you want to execute automatically after the trigger process.

CertifyMe can automate and streamline digital certification and badge workflow with no-code Zapier integration.

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