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Online Courses that are Currently Popular

Online Courses

Online Courses that are Currently Popular

Professional digital certifications are a terrific way to broaden your knowledge and expertise. They can assist you in demonstrating your self-interests and untapped potential to future employers while also helping you develop your resume for valuable career opportunities. There are several popular courses that lockdown has reintroduced to help candidates navigate and prepare for current workplaces. There are so many digital certifications you can do in 2022. 


There have always been new topics to discover, new skills to acquire, and new approaches to attain your goals and with more global content launching every week. Here are a few of the most popular digital courses right now:



In today’s data-driven world, the importance of Data Scientists outnumbers availability, which is a real problem. As a result, many companies are prepared to pay a hefty sum for Data Scientists with the necessary expertise. Big data, data visualization, statistical data, and predictive modeling are common topics in data science. Online Data Science training will assist you in learning Data Science, the R programming language, analysis of data, big data, and other similar topics. As a result, you may quickly advance your career in this rapidly changing field and take things to a whole new level.


This Harvard University Online Data Science Certificate Program, delivered through the leading e-learning platform edX, helps prepare you with key data science skills such as R programming, machine learning, and others, as well as real-world case studies, to help you get a head start in data scientist roles. The Johns Hopkins University Data Science Specialisation Program on Coursera seeks to improve learners’ ability to ask the proper questions, manage data sets, make inferences, and produce visualizations to publish results.



Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two of the most interesting and informative 21st-century technologies. Artificial Intelligence necessitates a solid understanding of coding languages like Python, machine learning techniques, natural language processing, and so on. Certifications in AI and machine learning can help IT professionals with a mathematical or statistical background advance their careers.


AI Product Management Specialization from Duke University is a beginner-level Specialization, where You’ll learn to understand the language of data and analytics and begin developing your skills to collaborate in cross-functional companies on machine learning projects as you investigate when and how AI might be used. You’ll learn how to lead machine learning initiatives by understanding the data science methodology and industry best practices. 


With Google Cloud’s Foundations for Data Science and Machine Learning program, learn the fundamentals of BigQuery, how to design and optimize warehouses, and how to use Cloud Data Fusion’s more complex data connectivity tools. In the BigQuery Google Cloud Labs Series, you’ll learn best practices for querying and generating valuable insights from your database system, as well as how to use Google Cloud’s Qwiklab platform.

Every sector has its industry leaders but only a relatively small number of enterprises stand out from the crowd and set the standard for excellence. If you’re looking at cloud products and services, the top names that come to mind are Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an Amazon cloud service platform that offers services in a variety of categories, including computation, storage, delivery, and other features that help businesses scale and thrive. AWS Developer Specialization from Amazon Web Services you may know how to develop cloud-based services using Python, Node.JS,.NET, and Java while learning from Amazon Web Services professionals.


Microsoft Azure is a cloud service platform developed by Microsoft that offers services in a variety of fields, including computation, storage, databases, networking, development tools, and other features that help businesses scale and flourish. Microsoft Azure Data Engineering Associate DP-203 Exam Prep Specialization from Microsoft you’ll learn how to use Microsoft Azure cloud services to build and implement data solutions. You’ll learn how to connect, process, and consolidate data from a variety of data from multiple sources systems into structures that can be used to construct Microsoft Azure-based analytics applications.

You can do digital certifications into all these courses.

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