Quick Integration of Salesforce with CertifyMe

Gone are the days of manual integration. Everything is made simple using third-party integration tools such as Zapier. Make a zap to tap into your potential as an organization. 

Salesforce is a leading CRM platform that lets businesses manage their customer service, IT work, sales, and marketing duties seamlessly.  

How to Integrate Salesforce with CertifyMe?

The integration begins with accounts on all these three platforms. If you are missing an account on any of these platforms, the integration is not possible. So create accounts on all three.

Once account creation is complete, visit the Zapier account for further progress:

Certifyme into salesforce

How does the integration help?

Organizing business data is one of the most hectic and time-consuming tasks that businesses often struggle with. Salesforce streamlines the data organization process and enables real-time connection between customers and companies. The use of analytics after the integration helps leaders make profit-driven, smart business decisions.

CertifyMe is a digital credentialing tool that simplifies the credential designing, creating, issuing, sharing, and delivery process. Integration of the platform with Salesforce automates the workflow and allows centralized data management, scalability, customization, quick collaboration, and greater user experience. 


A fuss-free integration journey, loved by all.  

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