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Safe Internet Day and CertifyMe 2022

Safe Internet Day

Safe Internet Day and CertifyMe 2022


Each year on the second day of every second week of February, Safer Internet Day is recognized with the goal of ensuring a safer and more secure internet, in which every user could use the levels of the internet without having their data compromised.


According to its website, Safer Internet Day began as an idea of the European Union’s (EU) SafeBorders program in 2004 and was adopted by the Insafe network among its first initiatives in 2005. It can now be found in over 200 countries throughout the world. Every year, Safer Internet Day attempts to promote awareness of growing online challenges and present concerns, ranging from cyber harassment to networking sites to digital identity.


It’s a chance to participate in an activity and debates and discussions aimed at making the internet a safe and secure and simpler place for everyone, especially children and teenagers.


“Together for a Better Internet” is this year’s theme, which invites all involved parties to come together to make the internet community a secure and safe environment for everybody, especially the younger generation.


CertifyMe for a Better Internet Experience:



The privacy of visitors and users is one of CertifyMe’s top priorities. CertifyMe’s Privacy Policy includes CCPA Privacy Rights, which is a California privacy law that intends to offer users more control over the information gathered about them and to tell them about how that information is used and shared, promoting a culture of awareness around customer data and information. Along with the GDPR Data Protection Rights, provide consumers with eight data subject entitlement with the same purpose in mind: to give people ownership over their personal data.



Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the Digital Credential Management platform‘s client base expanded, as did the use cases, with schools, corporations, health agencies, and others adapting and upgrading their online training and development for professionals in the field and young learners online. These new use cases brought in new standards and expectations for CertifyMe’s Trust & Safety team, and the platform was immediately scaled to protect a larger client base, which included youngsters receiving a verified digital certificate and a digital badge.



CertifyMe’s Data Safety and Privacy team is constantly seeking feedback from the website programmer and technical team so that they may drive innovation with purpose and design solutions that will assist protect CertifyMe’s users and customer base. CertifyMe is committed to providing its users with a safer and better internet experience and urges them to report or inform if they come across a link on the Website that is offensive and inappropriate for any reason. The team takes note of every response and takes strong responses in such circumstances.


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