Seamless Integration of HubSpot with CertifyMe

HubSpot enables businesses to manage marketing, sales, and customer success activities on a single platform. Streamlined management of business information and customer segmentation has become simpler via the CRM, HubSpot.

How to Integrate HubSpot with CertifyMe

The integration of CertifyMe and HubSpot will be successful if you already have a HubSpot account. If not, create one here. (add a HubSpot account creation link on the word HERE)

Once you are done with the account creation, check the video linked above for a comprehensive understanding.

Step 1: Sign up on Zapier 

Step 2: choose HubSpot as your first application and CertifyMe as the second application

hubspot zapier

Step 3: Select a trigger and an action to automate the credentialing process

Step 4: Press Try It and you are done

How does the integration help?

Manual updating of customer records in HubSpot is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Skip the laborious task by automating the customer data updation process. 


The moment a certificate is accredited via CertifyMe, the information automatically updates in HubSpot. 

The integration also allows an email notification to update the recipient about the digital credential.


Associations and businesses benefit the most from HubSpot and CertifyMe integration. Delivering membership badges/credentials, and customer, partner & employee onboarding digital papers become straightforward. Reduce administrative duties by integrating HubSpot & CertifyMe via Zapier. 


Make your credentialing journey fuss-free.  

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