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Stackable Learning and Stacked Credentials


Stackable Learning and Stacked Credentials

Education and training, as we know it, are constantly evolving. Technology in education and digital learning innovators have spent the last several years laying the groundwork for aspirational employees, students and teachers, and businesses and industries to accomplish their objectives and function effectively.


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, countless educators in affected areas around the world were suddenly faced with the task of preparing their instructional materials to enable modular learning as a strategic approach for delivering education to their students on a long-term premise.


The term “modular learning” refers to the use of learning modules that enable teaching and learning on their own. The modular learning approach focuses on learning outcomes, and its success is dependent on trying to connect potential outcomes to student achievement and course structure.


Stackable Learning:


Stackable learning refers to the process of stacking certificates earned through modular programs to build up the new credential or degree. Modular learning allows employees to learn new skills in much less time, even while simultaneously working, as well as those pursuing a degree to do the same in a much more accessible manner. 


They also obtain credentials for the small segments of teaching and learning, gaining performance and positive suggestions early in the process of progressing toward full degrees.


Stacked Credentials:


Stacked credentials, as the name implies, are the achievement of qualifications and competence that a student has managed to accumulate during the duration of the course. For example, when building toy blocks from small to large sizes, the small-sized block represents a much less remarkable milestone, whereas as the size is increased, it reflects a relatively high level of excellence that adds to the individual talent.


Students nowadays aren’t content with just getting a high school diploma. Given the rise in unemployment, having a set of competence qualifications and experience is absolutely essential. Stacking credentials, which are accumulated credentials, assist employees and students in developing a strong portfolio in order to advance as well as achieve their objectives.


Students can earn a reward for completing a module while also continuing to seek a graduate degree and looking for work by accumulating each certification and experience for the advantage of their employment chances through the use of Stacked credentials.


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