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Store your Certifications and Badges in Digital Registry

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Store your Certifications and Badges in Digital Registry


Technology has transformed just about every profession, including education, as a result of the worldwide pandemic issue and the way it digitally revolutionized the world. Education is being reshaped in new ways and students’ learning styles are fast evolving as a result of technological advancements, that will benefit both teachers and students.


While blackboards, chalks, and dusters have all been replaced with digital learning and activities for a better learning experience, online education has surely sparked the teaching profession. Apart from that, implementing digital education necessitates the issuance of virtual credentials.


There is no need to spend excessive amounts of time in front of commercial and public organizations, or in bank lines, to get digital certifications. You can easily get digital certificates and badges from top companies like Digital diplomas and certificates provide a number of advantages over their paper equivalents, including the elimination of real difficulties. Digital certificates and diplomas protect your students’ documents from damage, forgery, and manipulation, and they’ll be with you for the rest of your career.


Store your Certifications and Badges in Digital Registry:


Digital certifications, documents, and diplomas, which are virtually equivalent to paper-based documentation, can be easily stored in digital wallets, which collect and store all of your credentials in one place and allow sharing of the digital wallet across all digital platforms, such as social media and networking sites, web sites, blog sites, CVs, portfolios, and email.


Apart from that, these credentials come with extensive metadata that includes information such as the name of the issuing organization, recipient, certification criteria, digital signature, issuing and expiration dates, and more. This metadata makes it far easier to validate the certification and gives prospective employers a sense of security.


Digital credentials are protected by bank-level encryption, which prevents unapproved access to the verified document by third parties, and can be activated with a security feature or passcode for additional safety. As a result, digital credentials provide a safe means to distribute and read documents without risk of data manipulation, duplication, or cyberthreats.


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