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Take your associations to the next level with Digital Badges

Digital Badges

Take your associations to the next level with

Digital Badges

As different institutions connect and build a streamlined system where they may share badges, improve information accessibility, and accelerate student flexibility, it is becoming increasingly vital for them to join and create a fully integrated network.


Furthermore, if your organization intends to stay on the forefront of its sector and keep its members engaged, education should be a key focus in any membership incentive. Members can utilize and display digital badges on their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, email signatures, and a variety of other digital venues.


So, first, let’s determine what digital badges are:


Digital badges are verifiable evidence of achievement, competence, excellence, or participation that can be obtained in a variety of educational settings. Badges can include comprehensive metadata integrated by the publisher that allows third parties, such as recruiters, to validate the achievement represented by the badge and aids learners in articulating what they’ve learned.


Transparency and mobility are ensured by the Open Badges standard from the IMS Global Learning Consortium, which was formed in 2011 by Mozilla Foundation. The standard certifies the learner’s and granting institution’s identification, the badge’s authenticity as a metric of differentiated learning and the parameters with which it is predicated, and the badges and its metadata’s ability to be made publicly available.


Create a digital badge:


CertifyMe is one of the top three digital credential management solutions in the world, with systems created with security measures in place. Users that use CertifyMe’s White Labeled solutions may quickly implement their own Digital Credential Platform into their domain, making them stand out. Your credential systems would be hosted on our dedicated servers, assuring maximum security and customizability, as well as a no-code REST API and Zapier integration.


With the resources provided by such software packages, you may generate portable digital badges with metadata, saving your organization the time and pain of having to spend hours thinking about the badge’s appearance and feel.


Because it is impossible to set quality criteria for digital credentials, their marketability will be determined by the provider’s entire reputation, and CertifyMe guarantees quality integration and smooth verifiability for all digital badges developed and distributed.

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