Thinkific: How it works & Features

Thinkific: How it works & Features

The online learning market is exploding, and Thinkific’s tagline, “Power Your Education Empire,” perfectly encapsulates what the service is all about. Thinkific is a package of applications that enables individuals and organizations to create online courses based on their existing expertise and then offer or sell these curricula to their target audience via their website and brand.


It provides all the tools you require for every phase of your online learning creation process, from concept to launch, as well as allowing course creators to advertise their businesses effortlessly. It provides powerful student management capabilities that allow teachers to keep track of their student’s progress through automatic emails and reminders.

What is the purpose of Thinkific?


Thinkific is a platform for specialists who wish to share their expertise online or incorporate education into their existing business. Thinkific proudly declares that it was created with your audience’s learning experience in mind, allowing you to maximize impact throughout the student journey. Its long-term, effective courses can have a positive impact on both you and your students.


Thinkific attracts content creators, academics, and trainers, as well as small and large businesses searching for a full program package personalized to their brand. Thinkific has already helped over 50,000 independent creators and businesses around the world share their expertise, generate revenue, and educate students.


What are the features that Thinkific has to offer?


Course Builder:


Thinkific’s subscription plans allow you more customization options, including the ability to choose from a variety of stunning and easy-to-use website themes and ideas that offer you a professional touch at little or no additional cost. It supports all types of online course content, including video, audio, and multimedia, as well as gamification features such as quizzes, assignments, and downloaded material. Furthermore, if you currently have a website, mailing list, or CRM, Thinkific will effortlessly integrate the system with them.


Payment acceptance via integrated eCommerce:


As an educator, you must have a good revenue strategy in place before you can provide access to your online courses. E-commerce is one of them. Thinkific has no transaction costs and allows you to accept payments from over 100 countries, making it simple to get started selling. Pricing can be customized through discount coupons, monthly payments, and subscription services. Thinkific accepts both Stripe and PayPal as payment methods. Furthermore, there are no payment hold periods or wait times; you will have immediate access to your funds. Course developers can add custom conversion features to their checkout pages, such as testimonials, multimedia, and the chance to upgrade, using Thinkific.



One of the most important aspects to consider when developing a new course is how to encourage user involvement. Thinkific has a number of features that might help you increase student engagement in your class. Thinkific various communities are a platform where you may promote discussions with your learners outside the classroom. Communities can be used to increase engagement in cohort-based classes. Before signing up for a membership site, many potential purchasers check out the community forums. You can include public discussions in your online training website using Thinkific.


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