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Useful eLearning Tools For Corporate Education

Corporate Education

Useful eLearning Tools For Corporate Education

Corporate education is a fundamental requirement that applies to a framework of professional development programs offered to employees to inform and educate them. It could include official college or university training as well as non-collegiate learning. Both the design and implementation of planning processes can be aided by corporate education. Participants who receive solid business strategic planning training may assess the variables that contribute to business difficulties and establish appropriate plans.


Formal university or college instruction, as well as informal training from non-collegiate institutions, are examples of corporate education. Training programs built virtually for a corporation that wants to instruct its personnel on specific areas of their job procedures or tasks may be the most basic type of corporate education.


Here are a few useful eLearning tools for improving corporate education and making learning more enjoyable, fascinating, and productive.


Moodle, which stands for “Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment,” is a free and accessible learning management system that allows instructors and learners to communicate with each other. Task implementation, document submissions, communication, assessment, and an event schedule are just a few of the features available. Moodle also includes the Unicheck plagiarism detector, which uses cutting-edge technologies to detect plagiarism. For corporate education, Moodle enables customized learning environments. Moodle allows instructors to design teaching materials, monitor courses, and engage with both instructors and learners.



Presentations are an important aspect of corporate eLearning, and Canva is a fantastic online graphic design tool. It offers a variety of creative and appealing presentation templates for an array of subjects. Customization of thousands of templates is straightforward thanks to its drag-and-drop interface. The templates range from standard presentation layouts to infographics, each one is attractive and fully configurable. Corporate eLearning will be more pleasant and interactive as a result of this. The application also allows you to design graphics that may be incorporated into your discussions to make them more appealing.



A large portion of a corporate trainer’s job is creating and providing instructional content. Google Classroom is a community-based e-learning platform that can help you to take virtual learning to the next level. You can use the service to download, edit and control works as well as to examine and evaluate tests. The ability to integrate with Google products such as Google Forms might help to start the interactive educational process and seek input or ideas from both sides.

CertifyMe helps to automate creating, issuing and managing verifiable digital certificates and badges. Certificates and badges are a great tool to engage participants during the course and after the course.

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