Using Digital Credentials to Engage With Customers

Using Digital Credentials to Engage With Customers

Learners with digital credentials can share their accomplishments online, facilitating communication with a contact in their network of friends. It can be used as a learning assessment tool. Also, to demonstrate to potential employers your mastery of a specific ability. Digital credentials benefit customers generally in a variety of ways, including expanding their professional networks and creating online profiles.

E-badges, also known as digital badges, are credentials that show a person has achieved a certain performance, achievement, skill, or certification.

Through the use of technical standards established by Open Badges, digital badges are supported by meta-data that confirms the veracity of the badge obtained.

Digital credentials can be used in a variety of ways to increase engagement, including:

Badge for improved performance:

When someone applauds your accomplishments, it always feels wonderful. If online customers had the opportunity to demonstrate their competence by receiving a digital badge after moving on in the course, it would encourage curiosity, competition, and, of course, engagement.

The kind of digital badges awarded varied depending on the program’s difficulty, length, number of modules, or other factors. By progressing through the levels, one eventually receives the ultimate badge of achievement.

Digital badges through gaming:

It’s always a plus to add some humor into the routinely boring show to keep the audience interested. Using gamification badges, you can encourage users to take the actions you want them to. This could be accomplished by including gaming components into the course design.

Gamified Digital Badges, to put it briefly, are collected accomplishments that are obtained by meeting the requirements for a given badge. The program might be made more engaging to obtain a digital badge by including scoreboards, an achievement for each assignment, or a number of achievements.

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