Using Zoom to schedule a Webinar

Using Zoom to schedule a Webinar

Using Zoom to host a Webinar: Step-by-Step


  1. To schedule a webinar with Zoom, there are some prerequisites for registration:
  • The Zoom account type is Zoom Pro, Education, Enterprise, or Business
  • The account has a zoom webinar add-on
  1. Open the Zoom online site and log in.
  2. Click ‘Webinars’ in the navigation menu, you’ll see a list of upcoming webinars.
  3. Select ‘Schedule a Webinar‘ from the list.
  4. For the best webinar experience, change the following settings:
  • Schedule For
  • Topic/name of the webinar
  • Webinar Description
  • Date and Time, Time Zone
  • Duration
  • Choose how often you want the webinar to repeat:  Daily, weekly, no fixed time
  1. Registration:  Specify one of the following choices if registration is required and a webinar is a regular event:
  • Attendees only need to register once and can join any of the following events: Applicants are welcome to attend any or all of the events. All of the webinar’s dates and times will be listed, and the participant will be signed up for all of them.
  • Participants must register for each event they wish to attend: To attend, participants must enroll separately for each event. On the registrant page, they can only select one date and time.
  • Attendees register once and can attend one or more of the following events: Registrants just need to register once and can attend one or more events.
  • Video: Select whether or not the video can be played during the webinar.
  • When you attend the webinar, you can choose whether you want the host’s video on or off. Even if you turn off the option, the host will be able to start their video.
  • When you attend the webinar, you can choose whether you want the panelists’ videos on or off. Panelists will not be allowed to turn on their video if you chose off unless you authorize it during the webinar.
  1. Keep the audio on both (Telephone and Computer Audio)
  2. Optional features that allow you more control over the webinar:
  • Question and answer panel
  • Enable Practice Session
  • Restrict Access
  • Enable HD video and screen sharing
  • Add watermark
  • Make the webinar on-demand: 
  • Alternative Hosts: To allow another licensed Zoom user to initiate the webinar in your absence, enter their email address in your account.
  1. Click Schedule. 
  2. You can copy the join link or the whole invitation to share with your attendees under the Invitations tab in the Invite Attendees section.


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