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Using Zoom to schedule a Webinar


Using Zoom to schedule a Webinar

Using Zoom to host a Webinar: Step-by-Step


  1. To schedule a webinar with Zoom, there are some prerequisites for registration:
  1. Open the Zoom online site and log in.
  2. Click ‘Webinars’ in the navigation menu, you’ll see a list of upcoming webinars.
  3. Select ‘Schedule a Webinar‘ from the list.
  4. For the best webinar experience, change the following settings:
  1. Registration:  Specify one of the following choices if registration is required and a webinar is a regular event:
  1. Keep the audio on both (Telephone and Computer Audio)
  2. Optional features that allow you more control over the webinar:
  1. Click Schedule. 
  2. You can copy the join link or the whole invitation to share with your attendees under the Invitations tab in the Invite Attendees section.


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