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What are Verifiable Credentials?

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What are Verifiable Credentials?

A new and improved way to recognize someone’s learning, achievements, talents, and competence are through the use of digital Credentials. Digitally storing and exhibiting your abilities enables you to keep everything organized remotely , more crucially. Also, makes it possible for fast credential verification.

Even if digital credentials are not new, today’s credentials have encryption features that make them impenetrable, secure, and verifiable. All of the necessary data can be present on a verifiable credential, just like on a physical credential. The inclusion of technology like digital signatures makes verifiable credentials more tamper-evident and believable than their physical equivalents.

The most secure method of issuing and accessing the document is through verifiable credentials. After that the records are maintained in digital databases. They can be protected from unauthorized access by a digital passcode.

These three components make up Verifiable Credentials:

The model of verifiable credentials is as follows:

In essence, issuers provide credentials, holders maintain credentials, and verifiers ask for verification based on those credentials.

Why should Verified Certificates be chosen?

Learners enrolling in digital certification programs obtain accurate evaluations since the course materials are curated with graded tests and integrated with technologies that track the learners’ progress and performance. Since the assessment grading is carried out using analytical approaches, the outcomes are completely neutral and exclusively based on performance reports.

Blockchain technology is used to issue verified certificates, which streamlines the procedure and secures it using bank-level encryption. In other words, to prevent illegal or third-party access to the document, the certified certificate is typically encrypted with a digital passcode.

Aside from that, the validated certificate records are saved in digital databases, making it simple to verify the contents of the certificate as well as the issuing authority’s identification. Verified certificates are, in general, secure, easy to verify, and trackable.

Learners can share their verified certificates on every digital platform, including social and networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The certificate URLs or links allow learners to embed in on their portfolios, CVs, and Resumes for career advancements and professional development.

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