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What do you do after getting the Digital Credential?

Digital Credential

What do you do after getting the Digital Credential?

Professionals who have completed an internal training program and young learners who have graduated from college are both thrilled since they now have a new qualification to demonstrate their skills and experience. You now know what your next objective should be, or you have the freedom of selecting from an endless number of life choices. While it may mean taking an entry-level position or opting for a job shift for professionals, it may also mean internship or taking a break term for the others.

We know how Digital Credentials are of two types: Digital

Badges and Digital Certificates:


Digital badges are digital representations of a person’s effective corporate professional qualification, expertise, experience, educational qualifications, or individual success. These badges are frequently used for credentials that are still in the early stages of development. Digital Badges are intended to reflect the linked certificate and have a clean, professional appearance. 


Digital certificates, on the other hand, include government documents, identification documents, educational competence, and experience, and are virtual alternatives to paper-based credentials. By far the most extensively used certificates for qualifying for employment, providing encoded legal documentation, and so on are digital certificates.


After Professionals and Learners obtain Digital Credentials, the following question is frequently, “What do we do now?” Alternatively, what happens next?


For Young Learners:






For Professionals:



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