What is a Custom Domain Name?

What is a Custom Domain Name?

If you’re a blogger, you may have begun your journey using WordPress, which allows users to create their own blogging site for free by providing access to a variety of website layouts.


Many people prefer this since a lot of money is invested in website creation, domain names, site design, and other things. Have you ever considered taking a step further and registering your own unique domain name, rather than using one provided by WordPress, such as abc.wordpress.com?


Let’s start with an explanation of what a domain is and what a sub-domain is:


Domains are registered web addresses unique only to you, they could be customized by you and may include your business or organization name, your name, it may also be included with numbers. For example www.abc.com or www.xyz.com.


Whereas, Subdomains are the portions of a domain that appear before the main web domain and extension. Subdomains are a prefix or suffix that is applied to your domain name to help you navigate and organize your website’s sections. They can assist you with website organization, abc.wordpress.com, for example. Here the subdomain in this URL is wordpress.


So, What exactly is a Custom Domain Name?


A custom domain name is a registered URL that is owned or copyrighted by you, as explained in the domain name section. A custom domain name aids viewers in recognizing the brand through the domain name. For example, if I have a local business called ‘sugar blossoms,’ my consumers will recognize it with a website http://www.sugarblossoms.com, however, a subdomain is included in the URL, such as www.sugerblossoms.xyz.com, may induce hesitation among customers, since it appears unregistered or untrustworthy.


Benefits of a Custom Domain Name:


  • In the eyes of customers, they are trustworthy and easily qualified as credible sources
  • The search engine results page frequently favors registered domain names over URLs that include a subdomain
  • A rise in search engine prominence may also boost your chances of being compensated through AdSense

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