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What is Identity and access management? CertifyMe’s IAM with QLDB

Identity and access management

What is Identity and access management? CertifyMe’s IAM with QLDB

IAM, or identity and access management, is a security standard policy initiative, mechanisms, and technologies to support companies to protect user identity and regulate user disclosure of sensitive organizational data. It allows the right entities, individuals, or aspects to control the resources necessary, software solutions, or relevant data whenever they need them, without intervention, and on the devices, they would want to use.


An IAM platform‘s main idea is to apply a distinct digital identity for every person or device. The solution then maintains, adjusts, and analyzes levels of access and permissions for each user throughout their accessible life cycle. By removing the necessity for development teams to reinvent and replicate potentially risky authentication mechanisms, IAM improves the efficiency of developing and maintaining software.


CertifyMe with IAM and QLDB:


QLDB and Amazon Managed Blockchain were introduced by Amazon in 2018. QLDB makes use of the Amazon ION database structure, which is a data serialization format that is a superset of JSON with a few more capabilities.


Amazon QLDB keeps track of every modification to application data and keeps a detailed and verified record of those changes over time. Amazon QLDB provides a centrally trusted authority with a transparent, irreversible, and cryptographically validated transaction log.


QLDB with IAM has the following features:


QLDB policies based on identity:


An identity-based policy is an AWS entity that sets out the rights of identity or resource when it is associated with it. You can choose between an identity-based policy and a resource-based policy when creating an access-control policy to limit access to information. Policies based on identity are associated with an IAM user, group, or significance. You can describe approved or denied activities and resources, as well as the criteria under which operations are permitted or prohibited, with IAM identity-based policies.


QLDB’s resource-based policies include:


JSON policy records that you connect to a resource are known as resource-based policies. The policy describes what actions a designated person can do on a resource and in what conditions for the resource to which the policy is associated. In a resource-based policy, you must provide a principal. Accounts, users, roles, authenticated users, and AWS services are all examples of principals. No additional identity-based policy is necessary if a resource-based policy provides access to a principal in the very same account.


CertifyMe’s Identity Management with QLDB helps businesses successfully control user identities and accessibility across all corporate resources, whether on-premises or in the cloud service. Identity tasks are simplified, minimizing the need for various settings to modify users, roles, and groups. The framework of a user is constantly analyzed using continual identity verification at every encounter.


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