What is Learning Management System (LMS)? Popular LMS softwares

What is Learning Management System (LMS)? Popular LMS softwares

Around the world, an increasing number of businesses and educational institutions are opting to give their training and education online. If you’ve ever considered this, you’re probably aware that the Learning Management System (LMS) is one of the most underestimated aspects of any blended or virtual learning environment.


But what is a Learning Management System, exactly?


An online system or program that allows you to create, administer, and deliver eLearning courses is known as a Learning Management System (LMS). Learners from all around the world can interact with instructors using an LMS to conduct training online, whether it be on a real-time basis or via documented lessons.


In simple terms, an LMS is a program that you may use to convey information to the audience that needs it in your organization. In its most basic form, an LMS is made up of two parts: a server or admin interface that handles the basic functions, and a user interface that educators, participants, and administrators use.


Despite the fact that an LMS automates the learning process, it ensures that your role as an instructor is maintained throughout the process. The LMS monitors your learner’s progress through exams, allowing you to identify potential roadblocks and act immediately as needed.


Here is a few popular LMS software that you could look for:



360Learning is an excellent learning management system for businesses looking to improve their training resources, particularly through collaborative learning. This LMS combines artificial intelligence (AI) and collaborative capabilities to transform your in-house specialists into L&D contributors, allowing you to acquire the skills and continually improve from inside your own organization. 


This cloud-hosted, mobile-ready platform is designed for enterprises of all sizes and includes straightforward writing and editing tools, easy media integrations, and extensive course management solutions.



Flashspring was the original name for iSpring Suite, and a beta called Flashspring Pro was launched in 2005. iSpring Learn is a cloud-based learning management system that seeks to provide high-quality corporate training promptly. Managers may simply onboard and offboard staff with iSpring, which provides training materials to increase accountability, technical knowledge, and sales, among other things.


Employees are invited, training materials are uploaded, and results are tracked. You can also identify skill shortages and rectify them immediately by improving courses or rethinking your training strategy.



Docebo, which means “I will teach” in Latin, was created specifically for the service industry in 2005. Docebo is an online learning management system that may be used to personalize training programs, automate processes, and provide users with a more enjoyable learning experience. Presentations, employee training, and client webinars are all possible with the LMS. Tin Can API, SCORM, and AICC are all supported by the system. The platform can also be seamlessly integrated with your CRM, HRM, web conferencing applications, and social media platforms.

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