What Is the Best Way to Create a Digital Badge Strategy?

What Is the Best Way to Create a Digital Badge Strategy?

Digital Badges are a feasible and preferred alternative for narrowing the gap across traditional teaching as well as the competencies required for future employment. Digital Badges are a type of micro-credentialing that may be granted and shared through the Open Badges program.


Here’s how to create or publish Digital Open Badges to provide to your users.

Digital Badges Designing

Choose a template for your Badge Design:


You have a variety of alternatives for designing and implementing your approach. Choose a template that corresponds to the badge’s topic. CertifyMe offers hundreds of ready-to-use digital badge templates to meet your specific needs. Digital badges are minimalist in appearance, avoid overcrowding them with components, patterns, or typefaces that will make them appear cluttered.


Build a template that meets the following basic requirements for your Digital Badge Strategy:

What should the user do to earn the badge? or What relevant skills does the badge signify?

Would badge creation and assessment take place concurrently with online learning design and performance reviews?


Choose the Right Font for the digital badge:


You get Canva integration and a collection of creative fonts with CertifyMe. Put any text you’d like to show on your badge anywhere on the Digital Badge template. Keep in mind, that you don’t need to jam a lot of text onto your badge, and the font you choose should be readable by most people.


Choose the right color palette for the digital badge:

To represent your brand through your design, match the colors of your badge template to your branding. If it’s a gamified badge, use bright colors to make it stand out; if it’s a professional badge, adhere to whites, blacks, and blues to keep it looking polished. The color scheme reflects the badge’s nature, so make sure it fits in with the overall concept.

With options such as Canva integration and white labeling solutions, CertifyMe offers a convenient and fully automated approach when creating a digital badge.

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