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What is the need for digital credentials in India?

digital credentials

What is the need for digital credentials in India?

Since the global pandemic, there has been a tremendous increase in online learning platforms as Indians of all ages desire to engage in relevant learning and training. E-learning platforms have created hundreds of opportunities for education in India, which is a great development.


Furthermore, while businesses and organizations anticipate a return to normalcy in the near future, there is no disputing that the basic meanings of labor and workplace have altered. One of the most fundamental developments in the learning realm has occurred when procedures and workflows have gone remote.


Employers throughout India are looking for a quick means of evaluating an applicant’s credentials and preventing the long-term costs of improper hiring as education and training shifts online and the majority of employment possibilities switch to remote. A bad hire can have a negative impact on not only respective teams, but also on a value system, employee well-being, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment.


Why does India require Digital Credentials to reduce the costs of employing unqualified workers?


Where traditional CVs and referrals have struggled, technology in the verification sector is starting to step in. Digital credentials are becoming an important part of the HR process, among other things. A virtual award of an achieved qualification or certification, shown competence, or professional success is referred to as a digital certificate.


Each credential includes secure metadata about the receiver, such as


Furthermore, the blockchain technology that underpins these digital credentials is reliable. Instantly verifiable, digitally shareable, immutable, and interoperable, blockchain-based credentials are the way to go. Because these credentials are based on decentralized applications that keep track of each certification transaction.


Companies must focus on digital tools to smooth their learning goals when new business challenges arise in a changing world of work. Digital credentials are one such approach to revolutionize the way certifications are displayed, verified, and shared.

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