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Why should universities offer digital certificates?

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Why should universities offer digital certificates?

Despite the recent surge in digital learning, there is still a considerable opportunity to improve digital tools and resources. Despite the rising interest and adoption, there is still a significant gap between what educational institution officials consider to be successful online education and where they are now. This void gives an opportunity for firms to completely re-imagine and revive their learning functions using digital learning methodologies.


Creating interest in learning programs among individuals and quantifying the effectiveness of learning are two of the most pressing challenges for educational universities and institutions. As a result, it’s critical to comprehend employee motivation components and impact measurement indicators.


At this stage, digital certificates come into consideration, inspiring learners and professionals while also making their accomplishments concrete. The desire to possess something and be appreciated for the efforts made always has been a driving force in people’s lives.


Why should universities offer digital certificates?




Certificates have the potential to have a long-term impact on people’s careers. They assist in obtaining employment by helping recruiters to determine whether or not a person is a worthy candidate for a position. Despite their importance, existing learning certification systems are outmoded, complex, time-consuming, and subject to fabrication.


Organizations can award learners verifiable, tamper-proof digital certificates that acknowledge learning and success using blockchain technology. A recruiter will be able to link a digital certificate directly to its granting institute because the blockchain’s distributed ledger infrastructure records every occurrence. This means, the certificates are saved on the blockchain, eliminating the possibility of manipulation and fraud, and can be checked in a matter of seconds.


Acts as a motivator to learn:


Digital certificates could be used by universities to increase the motivation of students. Today’s students want to invest their efforts into something that could give them something back in the big scheme of things. Because their efforts are rewarded, digital certificates act as a driving force for learners to learn new skills and competencies, and because digital certificates act as proof of skills and allow for easy verification of credentials in less time, they will be able to advance in their careers more efficiently.


Helps save time, resources, and human labor:


Because digital credentials are issued virtually, using a digital credential management platform like CertifyMe to issue the certification would save educational institutions all of the human labor and operating costs associated with issuing the certification. Furthermore, because the digital credentials will be issued using an integrated automatic system, it will save time and effort compared to handing out certificates one by one, and it will be cost-effective.

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